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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Download Adobe Photoshop CS 3 & 4

Finally..After searching for hours to get this software for free...!!!
I've been looking around for this software, because i need this for the PC which i am using now and for my job..And also i prefer using IDM rather than Bitcomet for huge capacity of software...After so many hours, finally i got it....So, i choose to share with you guys here

This is the full adobe photoshop cs3 in a 50mb package... It is not portable!!! It is the full version.

To install you simply extract the rar to C:/Program Files/Adobe Photoshop

And then create a shortcut to photoshop.exe inside that folder and put it in your desktop
This version of photoshop has all the features working and in perfect order...

It is amazing and it is what I use for all my editing

It is only 50mb so please download as free user

NOTE: If your screen just flashes when you run the exe you must right click and press RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR

the link for CS3 :

And Also..If you would like to download the latest version of Photoshop, i also add it in here..I myself prefer the CS3 version, because i think CS4 is too heavy right now...But, it's your choice..

The link for CS4


Must have WInZix to open this file Get WinZix Here


ipanks said...

goog software hunny.but i can't use it :((

Anonymous said...


astri astronot said...

wow CS 4 yah ??
tp RAM kompiku ga bakal cukup :D

Na said...

Hi, the 4 Musketeers...Happy blogging and Have agreat day :)

Tony said...

wah ketinggalan zaman masih pake CS2 :D

NoRLaNd said...

Bingung, search di rL, ga perna ktmu2..
Eh ga di cari crack nya, mampir ke blog ini mala ktmu... Thx y :D

Erik said...

wah memori kompieku gak cukup

devianty said...

waaah emang klo era skrng cpt sekali ya...keluar teknologi baru...eh salah..yaa...

Exiost ByTe said...

hmmm.... thanks

eTha said...

wah usaha yg luarbiasa... :) saludos!!!

salam kenal...