4 crazy peoples (Athan, Ipanks, Natalia, Ulie) has made a decision to create this amazing blog together.
All for one, and one for all!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Beginning Of The Day

Today, finally we are four newbie Indonesian Bloggers decided to create a unity blog that will accommodate creative ideas from us. By very short relationship, we realize that we already had a strong togetherness. It seems that we have time to feel the difficulty to build the togetherness, but we believe with the time that moved on, we are four newbie Indonesian Bloggers will be growing so close again. Then we named ourself with The Four Musketeers.

The beginning was started from Blog Walking, where Blog Walking is an activity to visit the other friends, say hi and make comment in their posting. From the Blog Walking, we began to chat via Yahoo Messenger and finally in one day we try to make the Conference and invite the other friends to join together. Day by day, we still make a Conference, not just in daylight but until midnight and the morning has come again. And one day, the idea to create a unity blog have arise. It was came suddenly, and its not a serious conversation because we say it with joke to others. But from there, we make a decision with others member to start a unity blog. In the beginning, the most difficult is how to make a gathering the four of these members into a Conference. But with the endeavor, finally last night on 20 November 2008 Indonesian time, we are a member of The Four Musketeers can come together into Conference and make a decision, namely Unity Blog will be launched soon. 

Election blog address truly make us laugh together, imagine if this blog address was http://4muskeeters.blogspot.com/ but after further examined there was an error in the address. The word of muskeeters is incorrect and the right word is musketeers. And finally the final name for this unity blog is http://all4musketeers.blogspot.com/. Its make funny situation LOL but we are enjoy that time.

And by the way, would you mind if we, The Four Musketeers introduce ourself. The member of The Four Musketeers is :

1. Athan. His blog is Athan The Mozzie

2. Ipanks. His blog is Poetry Blog | Ipanks Poetry | With Ideas & Comments | Town Love | Romantic & Happy Feeling 

3. Natalia. Her blog is Mengenangmu Adalah Pesona

4. Ulie. Her blog is ..::|| Ulie Punya Diary ||::..

Many things that we want sharing in here. We believe that if the four heads will provide many positive ideas that will make this blog more forward again. This is a beginning of our purpose with a good starting. And far from in our deepest hearts, we hope that this blog and especially we are The Four Musketeers will always be together no matter how far we are. 

A heartfelt intention that will surely get the best way 
Today there is something that brings us together
Perhaps in out there we will have a lot of trial 
But as long as we stay together, then let's take believe that there's no one can interfere with 

We are united together by Blog Walking and Yahoo Messenger 
With the long nights that we have pass 
We skip many joke and laugh together
And finally this is we are the unity of four people
The Four Musketeers 

A name that can unite us 
As long as there is desire in our heart and sincerity of us
And with the start of a good beginning 
We can do it to make possible

Final word from us, please feel free to enjoy while you are here and we hope you like our posting because we want to make a something different while we are online. Don't forget to subscribe with our RSS Feed so you can knows anything update from us. I am so sorry if my english not good but i try in my best to give support in here. See you with another posting.


Ulie Azhar said...

Speechless bacanya euy.. ^_^

Makasih ya Athan *hug*

Btw busway anyway, gak ada yg mo ambil nih? Gw aja deh klo gitu.



Ulie Azhar said...

Ups.. I forgot! Dont' we agreed to do the comment in English too??

Sorry..sorry.. *blushing*

Anonymous said...


Athan themozzie a.k.a sikuruskering said...

heh ... what are guys talking about ??

nyooottt ... nyooottt ...