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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Lets Smile Today

Hi, meet again with us. This time I want to make a summary of the story about what I experienced today. When I'm walking in the shopping center, is not deliberately I saw a small child aged approximately 4-5 years. If I looked, the child is male. And he also saw to my direction. Know what undertake? He smiled towards me. And I also can not to not reply to that small children. Smiles that children is so free and its makes every free person who also want to give the reply to that smile.

Maybe you already can predict what will be my posting here. You are right, I want to invite you to give a little smile to all the honorable people even to people who do not even know you. Because the price of a smile is very big value. Imagine if you always smile, then people will always want to meet with You. Because the smile that you made is not fake but you give a smile that is full probity.

But imagine if you can not smile, then people will ask, oh why he/she had not smile? Is there a problem? Or ... etc. People will think you are angry, not happy or not anything that befall you. And ultimately they are not so close to you. Even know who they are making plans that important to you or things that are good for you.

So, no matter if we are always smiling to people to tell them, I am a happy person that will give happy smile and always give my all to the people so that people also feel happy as I am. I want to give a little that I can and give what I have and there is not charge anything.

There no matter if we are trying to be like a small child who was always trying to give his smile for those who view it. How big our happiness if we can also see other people smile. Let us try to smile. Started up from wake up, when we open our eyes today lets we grab with smiling. And believe it, that day will always be with full of smile.

Image Source : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/f6/Smile_fasdfdsfoiueire.svg/498px-Smile_fasdfdsfoiueire.svg.png

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Ulie Azhar said...

My favourite topic ^^

I always said to myself,


because life is too short and too beautiful to face with my sadness reflection *hayah*

Another nice posting here! I LOVE YOU! ^^